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Grease a tray the size of pie sheets with oil; we put 5 sheets, each well greased, one on top of the other, then ground walnuts, another 4 sheets each greased with oil, another layer of walnuts, the last 5 sheets also greased. We had 14 sheets of pie in the package.

After we have greased the last sheet of pie, we cut in the form of diamonds as follows: first along the tray, at a distance of about 5 cm, then obliquely, at the same distances and put in the oven until the sheets are browned.

In the meantime, we're dealing with the syrup.

In a saucepan put on the fire water with sugar and vanilla essence and let it boil until the syrup becomes thick, then put the grated lemon peel; remove from the heat when the syrup is bound and add the rum.

After baking, pour this hot syrup over the baklava and cover with a napkin for 10 minutes.

We can decorate each rhombus with coconut flakes or ground pistachios.

Do not put in the fridge, because it is sugary.

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