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Pear ice cream and strawberry yogurt

Pear ice cream and strawberry yogurt

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my first attempt at ice cream ... not very successful, but edible in the end ... although I mixed it a few times, I still had ice needles ... maybe you will give me an idea in the to and what does it take to get better ....

  • 2 large pears
  • 200 ml liquid cream
  • 2 lg honey
  • 125 ml strawberry yogurt
  • caramel

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Pear and strawberry yogurt ice cream:

I cleaned the pears and cut them into cubes, then I put them in the robot with honey and yogurt and I mixed the pasta

I beat the whipped cream fff well and then I mixed it lightly with the pears, I put it in the ice cream box and I put it in the freezer overnight. in the first 4 hours I mixed it from hour to hour so as not to make ice needles, but in the end it still had something .... it's not bad ... but .... what needs to be done not to have any need ????

I served it with whipped cream and caramel topping

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