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Smoked ribs with peeled potatoes and stuffed mushrooms

Smoked ribs with peeled potatoes and stuffed mushrooms

1. Preparing the ribs is extraordinarily simple. The ribs wash a little if you think they are too salty. Do not season them yourself because they have enough salt and spices! Cut into pieces as desired. Place in the zepter bowl and cover with water as long as the bowl allows. Put the lid on and leave for about 1 hour until all the water has drained. The cooking time is different depending on how fresh they are and what method you used to cook them.

Check from time to time what they look like and if they look ok you take them off the fire. The meat should come off the bones (do not let them dry out)

2. Peel the mushrooms. In a frying pan, fry a little in butter: the finely chopped mushroom stalks, with the rest of the chopped vegetables (peppers, donut, onion), salt and pepper. Fill each mushroom with this mixture. Then place the mushrooms in the oven tray with a little butter and cheese on top. Add water and grape oil to the pan. Bake until ready, about 30 minutes. Do not forget about them in the oven, check after 10-15 minutes if they are not already done.

3. All this time, put the new potatoes in the oven, wash well, prick with a fork and wrap in Al foil.

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