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Gyros with chicken and tzatziki sauce

Gyros with chicken and tzatziki sauce

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Start with lipia. Dissolve the dry yeast in warm water. For starters, incorporate 140 g of flour. Mix them well and let the mixture rest for 30 minutes. Then add the olive oil, salt and the remaining 260g of flour. Stir and knead for 6 minutes. Cover with a clean towel or plastic wrap and leave everything in a warm place for 2 hours.

After it has risen, powder the dough with flour and portion it into balls. Put plastic wrap on each one and let them grow for another 10 minutes. Shape, stretch and prepare the glue in the pan on the right heat, a few minutes on each side. Then put a damp towel over them to keep them soft.

Continue with sosul tzatziki. Drain the yogurt, in a fine sieve, over a bowl for 30 minutes - an hour. Peel a cucumber, cut it in half and use a teaspoon to remove the core - there is a lot of water. Grate the cucumber and squeeze it well. Drain in a sieve for 30 minutes and squeeze again. Crush 1 clove of garlic and put it in a bowl. Add the cucumber, mint leaves and chopped dill, fresh lemon, olive oil, Greek yogurt and mix well. Add salt and refrigerate.

Go to training baby. Crush 4 cloves of garlic and mix with 50 ml of olive oil. Then grease the thighs with this composition. Mix oregano, sweet paprika, dried thyme, chilli seeds, salt and pepper and season the chicken with some of them. Keep another part for potatoes. Put baking paper in a tray, place the chicken legs and apply on top another baking paper and aluminum foil. Put the tray in the preheated oven at 180 degrees.

Cut the potatoes into 4 and put them in a bowl. Sprinkle with a little olive oil and season with the rest of the spice mixture. Put them in a tray with baking paper and put them in the oven. Try from time to time with a fork both the chicken and the potatoes to see if they are cooked. Increase the oven temperature to 200 degrees and let both the chicken and the potatoes brown for a few minutes. Once cooked, take them out and let them cool a bit.

In the meantime, you can start gyros. Cut the tomatoes into thin slices and julienned onions. Using a knife and fork, cut the smaller thighs. Put the sauce on a plate, add chicken, potatoes, ketchup and mustard, tomato and onion rings, a little salt and parsley.

This was my step-by-step Gyros recipe. There are also faster methods but the taste cannot be compared.

First of all we have to prepare the meat and the potatoes. The chicken can be baked or pan-fried, but it must be cut into thin strips, I baked 1 chicken breast and then cut it into strips.

The potatoes are cleaned, washed and then cut into straws, after which they are fried.

You also need some tzatziki for the sauce, and you can find my recipe for tzatziki here.

Otherwise you just have to cut the vegetables (onion and tomatoes into rounds), salad as big or small as you prefer.

Now it's time to do the gyros. Grease the wrap sheets or pita with tzatiki, then add the filling according to your preferences, but make sure you have meat and hot potatoes, then add tomatoes, olives, onions and salad (I also put some fresh oregano leaves), roll everything well, then serve with confidence.

You can choose to make gyros as an alternative to shaworm if you prefer a lighter meal without mayonnaise.

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MARIUTZA 9 years ago - 13 July 2008 08:16

Re: Tzatziki


Oaki 9 years ago - 27 September 2008 17:39

Re: Tzatziki

A Greek tzatziki is not made with dill. The ingredients used are:
fatty yogurt
1 grated cucumber
garlic to taste
olive oil
1 teaspoon of vinegar. and this salad is served with fruit. from any meat.

angela 9 years ago - 27 September 2008 18:09

Re: Tzatziki

oaki, you know how to say how many huts are so common, and my tzatziki recipe contains dill, in addition the same recipe gives it as a possible ingredient and mint. now to be honest I don't put dill so often, but this for objective reasons (it is rarely found in our country) but when I have it I use it because we like it. I hope that in a short time I will meet a lady from Greece and I see what she says.

Ioana 9 years ago - 27 September 2008 19:31

Re: Tzatziki

I saw recipes for tzatziki that demanded olives, parsley or mint. so I guess it's not a nailed recipe. and then it really doesn't matter to me how long I feel so good and everyone likes it

Ioana 9 years ago - 29 September 2008 12:24

Re: Tzatziki

today I consulted the book with traditional Greek recipes brought by my brother from Crete and there he asks for dill at tzatziki.

Armenica 9 years ago - 15 October 2008 17:07

Re: Tzatziki

sorry I'm intervening but I know that the Greeks use mint more in tzatziki

Armenica 9 years ago - 15 October 2008 17:09

Re: Tzatziki

Ioana 9 years ago - 15 October 2008 18:06

Re: Tzatziki

mint, parsley, olives, everyone puts what he likes best I prefer dill, my husband would prefer not to put it (but this will never happen). each with his own preferences, if you like mint use it without hesitation

flory 9 years ago - 24 October 2008 16:01

Re: Tzatziki

I knew it was made with dill and cumin and a pickled cucumber was added. I know this from a Greek woman.

Ioana 9 years ago - 24 October 2008 16:19

Re: Tzatziki

I wouldn't put cumin, but a pickle wouldn't hurt, I'll try

MARIANA 8 years ago - 18 February 2009 13:54

Re: Tzatziki


Ioana 8 years ago - 18 February 2009 14:16

Re: Tzatziki

thank you Mariana. I knew we couldn't go wrong with tzatziki, even if we made small improvements to his own taste.

however, generally speaking, I recommend that you be open to new experiences in the kitchen following your own instincts and tastes. for me there is no "this is how it is done and not otherwise", otherwise we would not have what is written here, any recipe can bring that "something" that will make it special

odette 8 years ago - 12 May 2009 16:13

Re: Tzatziki

Thanks for the tips! I try tzatziki for the first time and I make the version without dill only cucumber, yogurt, garlic and olive oil. I hope it works out for me too.

vera 8 years ago - 14 June 2009 19:47

Re: Tzatziki

excellent goes papat and so a salad.

Ralu 8 years ago - 19 July 2009 17:27

Re: Tzatziki

All the above options are great, only I don't really use seasoning salt. I always put vegeta (no matter what brand) because it contains 37% less salt, has other greens, and gives a very pleasant yellow color to the sauce. I ate it with straw potatoes and grilled instead of the traditional mujda, and it's more than great!

Ioana 8 years ago - July 20, 2009 08:50

Re: Tzatziki

ralu, I didn't understand, vegeta contains 37% less salt than what? I also found out for a long time that vegeta contains MSG which gives headaches, so I eliminated it from my spices, they stick to simple salt. eventually when you buy it to look if it says "No MSG" on it, maybe it's ok.

ramisimion 8 years ago - 10 October 2009 17:59

Re: Tzatziki

I like "your version of tzatziki". I prepared it many times, but today I came up with a great idea that was very appreciated, I served tzatziki with spicy wings and baked potatoes with Dijon mustard. we ate without cutlery, what we lacked was a little glue but we improvised, we cut the bread into rectangular slices and everything was perfect. try the combination is also suitable for a meal with friends over a drink.

psipsinoula 8 years ago - 17 December 2009 22:24

Re: Tzatziki

tzatziki does not contain dill. agree with Oaki.

Utza 8 years ago - 19 December 2009 00:00

Re: Tzatziki

sounds good! I have to try it too. Like all the recipes posted on this site. delicious

sofia 7 years ago - 16 March 2010 11:34

Re: Tzatziki

It is true that there are so many customs, each country claims it, the Arabs saying that it is their invention 100%. I consume this dish as a salad, alone or in combination with other foods. Most often for any dish with rice, they make it from cucumbers, yogurt, garlic salt and necessarily dried mint which gives it a special flavor. People who do not tolerate garlic or who have a date then can eliminate it but add more mint that masks the lack of garlic, although garlic with yogurt is bestial. I make a cool drink in good summer called ayran, from drinking yogurt or if it is thick it is diluted with water, garlic, ice cubes, salt. it is an excellent drink or it can be served with oriental dishes, rice, sfiha (a kind of meat pies!

Ioana 7 years ago - 16 March 2010 14:37

Re: Tzatziki

sofia, I can't wait for the heat to come, ayran will be a place of honor on our table, I really like the idea. thank you

Cristina 7 years ago - 17 March 2010 13:16

Re: Tzatziki

I also really like tzatziki, I usually use a fresh cucumber (from the small one, pickles) and a pickled one about the same size. And mandatory yogurt, garlic. I also used olive oil and it turned out very good. I will also try dried mint.

oana 7 years ago - March 20, 2010 00:06

Re: Tzatziki

You forgot to put lemon and olive oil.

iulia 7 years ago - 7 May 2010 19:40

Re: Tzatziki

I just took the toast out of the toaster. and I want to say that, with the tzatziki sauce on top, it's the most delicious snack among the meals..thanks for the recipe

DANIKA 7 years ago - 13 May 2010 17:38

Re: Tzatziki

yes I know how to do it. I ate ... it was good, but I know it's made with buffalo yogurt, round cut dill cucumbers and a clove of garlic. it really made me want to

Claudia 7 years ago - 17 June 2010 20:01

Re: Tzatziki

And I make it with pickles, I like it more sour: D

meg 7 years ago - 18 June 2010 22:25

Re: Tzatziki

super was received. I will definitely do it whenever I have opportunities.

Raluca 7 years ago - 6 August 2010 17:11

Re: Tzatziki

Adoe Tzatziki. It's a delicious Greek specialty.

RIKI 7 years ago - 22 August 2010 01:07

Re: Tzatziki

Hi, I looked on the site and I find it interesting, a lot of work. On the other hand, if you put a recipe, put the original recipe and then make as many variations as you want, specifying. so that we can take advantage of the work of others

Roxana 7 years ago - 9 November 2010 21:08

Re: Tzatziki

Hi Ioana, I wanted to ask you ... is pickled or normal cucumber used? thanks

Cri 7 years ago - 20 November 2010 13:52

Re: Tzatziki

This fall I stayed in Thassos for 10 days.
At the restaurant, every night, before bringing us the main course, we were brought a bowl of tzatzuki, along with which we were brought 4 large slices of toast with garlic and olive oil.
They were so good that it didn't even matter if he had dill in the recipe or not.

stef 6 years ago - 14 January 2011 11:02

Re: Tzatziki

about your quarrel whether or not it contains dill, I took from Greece a spice for tzatziki and for the ingredients it says: garlic, salt, dill tips, parrsley

Mir3LLa 6 years ago - 23 February 2011 16:36

Re: Tzatziki

The Greeks never use dill in tzatziki))))

Ioana 6 years ago - 23 February 2011 16:40

Re: Tzatziki

noh, now I was there (chalk), I ate tzatziki with dill and without (only with cucumbers and / or garlic). never with mint though. what can I say.

pop andrea 6 years ago - 2 March 2011 15:42

Re: Tzatziki

tzaziki is made with dill is not made without the traditional recipe it is with cucumber dill and garlic I am married to Greek and he is also a cook at a Greek restaurant

Mir3LLuTzZa 6 years ago - 4 March 2011 17:52

Re: Tzatziki

I am on the island of MILOS, dill is not used here ... now it also depends on the area!

gabriela 6 years ago - 6 March 2011 18:35

Re: Tzatziki

Good evening! I've been working in a tavern for 1 year! I've made tzatziki dozens of times. Add dill, salt, vinegar, olive oil and cucumber!

ionel 6 years ago - 7 May 2011 17:16

Re: Tzatziki

Greek Tzatziki does not contain dill because the Greeks do not have much dill on their bare rocks.
In Transylvania there is a synonym of tzatziki in which dill is obviously put and instead of yogurt you put fat cream

I made it today to be a grilled fish garnish.

Ioana 6 years ago - May 8, 2011 11:45

Re: Tzatziki

how can the Greeks not have dill? I use it for pilaf with lemon, for egg and lemon sauce, for sarmalele in vine, to flavor oil or bread.

simi 6 years ago - 7 June 2011 23:06

Re: Tzatziki

So you amaze me with each passing day. What do you have with your face? it's her recipe, if you don't like it, don't do it like that and don't even look for work here. No one will force you to give your opinion. bravo Ioana, all the super recipes, your sweets quickly got me out of a lot of trouble, as well as many recipes.

mircea 6 years ago - 12 June 2011 00:12

Re: Tzatziki

I know that tzatziki also has mint in its composition, the one from Greece certainly has it because I tasted it on the spot!

gina 6 years ago - 21 July 2011 14:02

Re: Tzatziki

no mint, no dill. I tell you.

magda_ok 6 years ago - 24 July 2011 17:13

Re: Tzatziki

Hi! I like fff a lot tztziki. I add to my recipe besides cucumber, garlic, garlic and herbs (which can vary depending on the consumer) and fresh cow's cheese, sometimes feta. gives it a creamier and more consistent texture. yammmmy! and aberrate as much as you want in gastronomy. and art. create! poop

cristina 6 years ago - 10 August 2011 21:03

Re: Tzatziki

I never thought I would read so many comments about the banal (but delicious tzatziki)!
from my point of view there are many variants of the sauce. while I was in Iraq, I ate a variety of tzatziki with mint countless times. absolutely fabulous! but more elaborate than the Greek version, in the sense that in al-mutanna and di-qar, ​​it is finely chopped, but, very finely chopped fresh cucumbers, it is salted, drained and mixed with finely chopped mint, 1 tablespoon of sesame oil, crushed garlic (to taste) and goat yogurt drained 24 hours. this preparation is crazy in itself! (in iraq we eat it with sheep or goat at protap).
the Greek version, much simpler by shaving the cucumbers, is also delicious and after four years of holidays in Greece and after the friendships with the locals, I can guarantee the presence of dill in tzatziki! nowhere in mainland Greece, in the Cyclades or in other islands have I met the dillless version! but it doesn't matter! season it with what you want, even with cumin, if you like the taste and the combination! tzatziki is a real delight.

cristina 6 years ago - 10 August 2011 21:52

Re: Tzatziki

Mrs. Ioana, I apologize! in fact, that's what we intend to start with: it's a wonderful site! I'm glad I discovered you, because you are a source of inspiration for me. at "tzatziki" it was the first time I posted, although before, we intend to thank you for what you do! Yes. I let myself be carried away by the wave of tastes! and I had to postpone the thanks, although with a very long delay, thank you!

Ioana 6 years ago - 11 August 2011 11:56

Re: Tzatziki

Oh Cristina, I really like the Iraqi recipe. I will definitely try it. the addition of sesame oil and drained yogurt sounds great.

miriam 6 years ago - 29 October 2011 03:07

Re: Tzatziki

Cristinik 6 years ago - December 29, 2011 01:05

Re: Tzatziki

tzatziki is made without dill. I was in Greece in several restaurants and in different cities and nowhere did it have dill !!

mady & # 41 & # 41 5 years ago - 11 January 2012 19:50

Re: Tzatziki

But what do we do with garlic?

carolina 5 years ago - 22 February 2012 20:20

Re: Tzatziki

pickles or green cucumbers?

Ioana 5 years ago - 22 February 2012 20:20

Re: Tzatziki

alex 5 years ago - 22 February 2012 20:35

Re: Tzatziki

the recipe is good. and with dill I also make mint for lamb.

Raluca 5 years ago - 2 March 2012 12:34

Re: Tzatziki

It's a super simple recipe, I can't wait to make it myself. But one problem, what happens to garlic? : -s

Ioana 5 years ago - 2 March 2012 13:18

Re: Tzatziki

mix together with the rest. I filled in the recipe.

Raluca 5 years ago - 2 March 2012 19:08

Re: Tzatziki

Ah, I'm sorry, I didn't notice. In the end, I did the same and it turned out very good, my father thought it was taken from the store: D.

teodora simeria 5 years ago - 11 April 2012 10:13

Re: Tzatziki

I think there are too many comments on this topic! Let's admit that all those who read these blogs are amateurs, not professionals. In these conditions, we are inspired by those who are kind enough to present them to us, but it often happens that we do not have all the ingredients at hand (or not to bear some .. the husband can not eat cucumber). and then we become our own creators, looking for substitutes (of course, doing our best to keep the taste, I ate at someone who also put a little sour mayonnaise. f.f.buna. So, the idea matters!

Alexandra 5 years ago - 20 May 2012 04:38

Re: Tzatziki

But vaiii, tzatziki is not done that way. The Greeks don't put dill, they don't put cucumbers, they don't put garlic, they don't put anything! ) I had a lot of fun on this topic! Everyone does it as they want and as they like, you can put what you want in it, but don't jump on Ioana's head. Instead of saying a big thank you for this wonderful site, you come with comments)
Ioana, I've been making tzatziki for a long time and I make it with pickles, I put 2-3 (I like it with as many cucumbers as possible), sour cream, garlic, olive oil, salt and MANDATORY dill, because that's how I like it. I have no idea what the original recipe is, but that's how I like it. I also tried green cucumber, but I didn't like it as much, maybe because they don't have the same flavor as before, when I went to my grandparents and ate it straight from the garden!

Hosu ​​Felicia 5 years ago - 22 May 2012 18:45

Re: Tzatziki

I also added a cube of feta instead of salt. It turned out great. And white pepper. That's what a Romanian chef from Nei Pori - Greece told me.

Ioana 5 years ago - 23 May 2012 13:50

Re: Tzatziki

excellent idea with feta! thank you!

Lucica Paula 5 years ago - 6 June 2012 16:45

Re: Tzatziki

very good tzatziki used as a garnish

mihai 5 years ago - 23 September 2012 00:04

Re: Tzatziki

. Hello everybody!
. delicious in your comments!
Tzatziki on the whole line and in all ways!
I liked the comments about how it can be done, less the comments of the ugly thugs for whom the truth and the reality can only be reduced to. the top of their boots, because I can't see further. So I recommend them to raise their head. because the horizon is a little further.

MACHE 5 years ago - 24 October 2012 15:09

Re: Tzatziki

tzatziki is not made with dill. I have Greek grandparents! and even with sour cream it is made with goat yogurt left to strain for 14 days until it can be cut with a knife then put grated cucumber and squeezed garlic well.

Ioana 5 years ago - 24 October 2012 15:19

Re: Tzatziki

yes, it is ideal with drained yogurt (although I only drain it for 3 days, not 14 and it becomes like fine cheese). but when I feel like a good tzatziki, the cream is very good, has a better consistency and is not so sour. our yogurts are very sour and I don't like to use them at tzatziki. Greek yogurt (fat and thick) has also appeared in our country for a few months and that is really great at tzatziki.
I will complete this in the recipe.

florin 5 years ago - November 4, 2012 09:28

Re: Tzatziki

Speaking of tzatziki, a Greek friend taught me 3 years ago how to make dill and if you add a cucumber to vinegar cut into very small cubes you will get a very delicious result! I use it with a grilled fish, it's a delight.

alina 5 years ago - November 16, 2012 10:25

Re: Tzatziki

Hi, I want to try this recipe tomorrow too, but I've never eaten this empty sauce to figure out how it should be, so I don't know if it should be faster, sweeter, in the recipe it says according to taste, about I need garlic, because I have no idea.

Ioana 5 years ago - November 16, 2012 10:29

Re: Tzatziki

follow the quantities given in the recipe (2 cloves garlic). obviously if you eat more or less garlic you can adapt in the future cant. of garlic. but I don't think it will be the case, the sauce comes out balanced with these quantities. now you can find Greek yogurt in stores.

alina 5 years ago - 16 November 2012 10:45

Re: Tzatziki

thank you very much, I can't wait to see the result, I want to prepare this sauce tomorrow with crispy baked potatoes and chicken wings, your recipes that seem fff ok to me, initially I thought it was a traditional mujda sauce but I will prepare this sauce. I can't wait, thank you very much, you are a great help

Ioana 5 years ago - November 16, 2012 10:48

Re: Tzatziki

alina, this is a much more refreshing sauce than mujdei. you will like it. drain the cucumbers well. otherwise leave it in the sauce. lust!

dragne florina 4 years ago - 23 August 2013 03:33

Re: Tzatziki

I lived in Greece for 13 years, and I did not see that tzatziki with mint or dill and now I live in Cyprus and the same, although Cypriots are not very pope

basil 3 years ago - 18 April 2014 20:00

Re: Tzatziki

It means you have no idea what you ate for 13 years!

Mihaela Elena 3 years ago - 6 December 2014 20:35

Re: Tzatziki

As Oaki said that the original recipe is not with dill, well it is with dill! Everyone does it the way they want in the end, whether they like dill or not.
As well as in the commercial boxes from Greece or in taverns, I met the recipe that contained dill and not only the lemon juice.
Because I have lived in a Greek family for many years, I learned from my in-laws to make this delicious salad from cucumber, Greek yogurt, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, garlic and dill.

Theodora 2 years ago - 20 June 2015 04:15

Re: Tzatziki

God, how big is your garden! Everyone is free to change a recipe to their liking, but they should not call it original! In Greece a recipe differs from region to region. My mother-in-law is from Thessaloniki and has been dill for a long time! Mint is also used in Cyprus and so on. ..The secret of this sauce are fresh cucumbers and yogurt that must be fatty. Did I have a lot of fun with 14 days? we better wait a month to do it.

Vasile I 2 years ago - 31 December 2015 11:33

Re: Tzatziki with dill?

Dill does not grow and is not consumed in Greece! Is it clear now?

Ioana 2 years ago - 31 December 2015 11:35

Re: Tzatziki

Incredible, it means that I only dreamed that I ate dill (anitho) in Greece. Let me understand that their pea and dill specialty is just a legend. of Olympus.

Vasile I 2 years ago - 31 December 2015 14:09

Re: Tzatziki

Sorry! You are right! We don't grow black pepper either and we still use it!
It's the balance of the years! Let's look back with forgiveness, forward with hope, down with understanding and up with gratitude!
In every drop of champagne I drink in honor of the new year are my best wishes, full of the most beautiful and warm thoughts! A New Year full of joys and accomplishments! Happy Birthday! A wonderful 2016! Happy Birthday!

PS: I can afford to wish you "Happy Birthday!" and "Live by name!" and on January 7?

Ioana 2 years ago - 31 December 2015 17:06

Re: Tzatziki

Thanks for the good thoughts! Happy New Year, to hear us happy and healthy.

Crina_Crinutza a year ago - 5 July 2016 12:45

Re: Tzatziki

Ioana, I made the tzatziki sauce last night according to your recipe and it's very good! We used it for lamb steak with oriental salad garnish.
Thanks for all your recipes, Ioana! You explain them and present them so carefully! My congratulations!

Chicken gyros with tzatziki and chips

Boil the rice in boiling salted water for about 20 minutes.

Allow to drain in a strainer and keep warm.

Meanwhile, peel the pumpkins, wash and cut into slices.

For the gyros, wash the chicken breast, peel and cut into very thin slices.

Peel the onion, cut two onions into rings, and cut the third into small cubes.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

For tzatziki, peel the cucumbers and put them on a large grater. Then mix with diced onions, chopped dill, yogurt and season to taste with salt, pepper and lemon juice.

Put 2 tablespoons of oil in a pan.

Add onion rings, peppers and meatballs.

Stir over high heat for about 7 minutes, until golden brown.

Season with salt and pepper.

Separately, heat the rest of the oil, which hardens the pumpkins.

Season with salt, pepper and rosemary.

Add the boiled rice and mix.

Cut the potatoes into thin slices, leave them in water for 5 minutes, then brown them in a frying pan in a hot oil bath.

Drain the oil and season to taste.

This site is created and managed by Digital Antena Group. All rights reserved.

Ingredients Gyros

1 honey pulp
4 cloves garlic
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon lemon juice
gyros condiment

Preparation Gyros

  1. Bone the leg of lamb, as much as possible in one piece. It is important to have a larger piece in which you can roll the strips that you can only take down separately. If you are super expert and deboned all the meat in one piece, cut about 3-4 strips of meat from the edge. Clean the meat of tendons and thicker membranes. I have 800 grams of meat left after deboning.
  2. Sprinkle salt on all sides and refrigerate the meat until the next day.
  3. Crush the garlic and mix with the lemon oil and juice. Massage the meat well with this marinade and leave it at room temperature for 1-2 hours.
  4. Sprinkle plenty of gyros spice over the meat (I used almost everything, there was about 1 teaspoon left). If the spice does not stick well to the meat, add 1-2 tablespoons of oil.
  5. Take the large piece of pulp and place it on the work table. Place on it all the pieces of meat that you did not manage to debone in one piece or cut them voluntarily after you managed to debone the perfect leg. Roll the pulp and tie it in several places with string.
  6. Heat a tray on the eye of the stove and place the pulp in it, you will hear it sizzling. Put the tray in the oven at 220C for 15 minutes. Lower the temperature to 160C and leave for about 1 hour. If you have a steak thermometer, check that the internal temperature reaches 65C.
  7. Remove the pan from the oven and let it rest for 15 minutes, covered with aluminum foil.
  8. With a sharp knife, start from one end of the roll and cut thin and small slices, as you see in fast food.
    * cut only as many strips as you eat so that the meat does not dry, keep the rest uncut, it keeps its juiciness better, it's better hot, but it's also super cold.
  9. Serve with slices of tomatoes, onions, french fries and tzatziki. Serve on a plate or on a stick.

1. Marinate the meat with garlic

2. Roll the seasoned meat

5. Serve with tomatoes, onions, tzatziki and french fries

Gyros with chicken and tzatziki sauce

the most indicated variants between the fast food type menus. But you can do it at home, without much effort. For 6-8 servings, you need: 900 g chicken breast, 3 tablespoons Greek yogurt, 2 red onions cut as small as possible, 65 ml olive oil, 60 ml lemon juice, 2 cloves garlic, 1 tbsp. red wine vinegar, oregano, thyme and coriander, salt and pepper to taste.

For serving:

- 6-8 sticks
- tzatziki sauce (homemade or commercial, according to preference)
- lettuce leaves
- 2 diced tomatoes
- 1 small red onion, finely chopped
- finely chopped cucumbers
- feta cheese
- olives
- Parsley

Method of preparation

In a medium bowl, mix the olive oil, yogurt, lemon juice, wine vinegar, onion and spices (to taste). Put the mixture in a bag that can be sealed, next to the chicken breast for marinating.

After about 2-3 hours, remove the chicken and cook to taste - in the pan, on the grill or in the oven, and when ready put on a plate, grease with olive oil and leave covered for 10 minutes. Then cut it into strips.

It's time to make the portions - put in the middle of each stick a layer of chicken, feta, parsley, salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, red onions and tzatziki sauce. Wrap well and serve hot.

Chicken wraps with chicken and tzatziki sauce

Stick with chicken and tzatziki sauce (chicken wraps). What to do with a steak cold chicken (or pork, beef, duck)? I definitely don't reheat it because it changes its taste. I have to use it as such & # 8211 cold. I always have to recycle various leftovers (food leftovers) including them in other ways. I'm not throwing anything! This recipe is suitable for any cold steaks: chicken, duck, pork, lamb or beef.

What else can be done with a cold steak? Sandwiches, salads (see Caesar light salad recipe or duck salad with avocado), savory pies (with chopped steak, onion and mushrooms) or wraps (sticks, tortillas). In these wraps I put some fresh vegetables on hand & # 8211 lettuce leaves, tomato slices and cucumber sticks and a good spoonful of Greek yogurt sauce tzatziki (see recipe here). The sticks are very practical and I don't miss them from the fridge. I can fill them with what I have on hand and offer the family a quick lunch or dinner. I also use them as a pizza top, covering them with thin slices of tomato and mozzarella and gratinating them for 5 minutes at 230C. Crispy and fast summer pizza. Or with previously cooked vegetables (ratatouille) & # 8211 see recipe here. Or grease them with a little sour cream and sprinkle with bacon, onion and grated cheese & # 8211 see here the recipe for flammkuchen on the stick.

I also did it with glue quesadillas & # 8211 a kind of hot sandwiches with cheese. They are made in 3 minutes and can be filled with slices of ham or sausages.

In short & # 8211 glues are very useful in people's homes! Most often I buy them from Lidl from refrigerators & # 8211 big bags.

This chicken stick recipe is also suitable for Diet Rina & # 8211 day of proteins (without tzatiziki!)

Sos tzatziki, a simple and quick recipe

It can be served with any kind of meat, fish, vegetables, it can be added to sandwiches or shaorma of house.

Gyros cu tzatziki

Gyros or gyro (most commonly pronounced / ˈdÊ'aɪroÊŠ /, from Greek: Î³Ï Ï Î¿Ï ‚(giros) & quota roti & quot) is a Greek dish made from meat, tomatoes, onions, and tzatziki sauce and served with paine - pita. Gyros can also be a sandwich, which contains the same ingredients. Shaworma din Orientul Apropiat si Tacosul mexican sunt apropiate de gyros, iar toate deriva din Döner kebab care a fost inventat in Bursa in secolul 19.

Acum cateva luni bune, am luat din magazin o cutie cu gyros. Ne-a placut tare mult (gyros-ul, nu cutia!!!!!!), asa ca am convenit cu jupanu' sa-ncerc sa fac si eu. Dupa indelungi scotociri, am gasit cateva retete care-mi "sunau" bine cand le citeam si am zis ca incerc sa fac si eu. Normal ca prima oara am scapat cam mult mustar, da' n-o fost bai! Iesise bun gyros-ul meu! Dupa vreo cateva saptamani, ne-am intalnit cu niste prieteni in Munchen si am mers impreuna la un restaurant grecesc unde am comandat gyros, ca sa vedem cum trebuie sa fie ala de la mama lor de-acasa (credeam noi ). Cand colo. pana si prima mea tentativa fusese mai buna! Cel putin asta a fost parerea jupanului! A zis ca nu-i mai trebuie merg la restaurant grecesc si ca mai bine mergem noi la cumparaturi si apoi eu bucataresc. Zis si facut (da' dupa ceva timp. ). Asa ca acum va prezint isprava mea (de data asta n-am mai pus mult mustar, a iesit minunat!!!!!!) : Desi n-am avut rotisor (asa cum ar fi trebuit, daca ne luam dupa traducerea numelui), a iesit foarte buna mancarea facuta in tigaie!

Poza de familie cuprinde 1 kg piept de curcan, ceapa, mustar si ce alte mirodenii mai apar pe acolo:

Am presat vreo 8-10 catei de usturoi (nu era o capatana intreaga, se vede si din poza), peste care am pus 2 lingurite de mustar si 10 linguri ulei de masline (dar rand pe rand, ca sa iasa un fel de maioneza):

Am amestecat apoi cu 4 linguri boia dulce (paprika), 2 linguri patrunjel, 2 lingurite oregano, 2 lingurite maghiran, 2 lingurite chimen, zeama de la 2 lamai si putin praf de salvie (cam jumatate de lingurita). Sosul astfel obtinut avea consistenta unei maioneze. Am mai presarat sare si piper.
Am taiat cele 5 cepe solzisori, iar carnea in fasii subtirele (cam de grosimea unui deget). Le-am amestecat bine, apoi am turnat sosul peste:

Am amestecat iarasi si am lasat putin sa se patrunda ingredientele, ar fi trebuit sa las la macerat 24 de ore, da' n-aveam ce altceva sa mancam asa ca am sarit peste pasul asta .

Intre timp ce am pregatit sosul si am pus orezul la fiert. Pentru tzatziki am folosit: un castravete, o ceapa, 300 ml iaurt, sare, piper si marar:

Am taiat ceapa si am frecat-o cu sare si piper:

Castravetele l-am curatat de coaja si l-am scurtat de cap, astfel incat sa am vreo 250 - 300g, apoi l-am dat prin razatoare, am pus si mararul si l-am amestecat cu ceapa:

Am turnat si iaurtul, am amestecat iar totul bine si am dat la rece (de ce n-am poza cu faza asta, n-as putea pentru ca sa va explic. ).
Dupa ce-a fiert orezul, am pus cate-o portie de carne in tigaie si am lasat-o la prajit vreo 20 de minute, amestecand din cand in gand. Am pus in farfurie o portie de carne cu ceapa, orez si sos tzatziki:

GYROS DE PUI I Rețetă + Video

Hello dear lusts. Astăzi am pregătit una din cele mai îndrăgite rețete ale mele și anume GYROS DE PUI. În călătoria noastră în Grecia de acum câțiva ani am mâncat Gyros aproape în fiecare zi. Acest „kebap” sau „sandwich” grecesc este ceva senzațional. Are de toate în el și este foarte delicios. Sper să vă placă această rețetă și să o pregătiți cu mare drag. I wish you to continue to have a tasty day and good appetite!


  • 6 pite grecești
  • 500 gr. – cartofi albi curățați și tăiați felii
  • 5 linguri – ulei de măsline
  • 2 roșii – tăiate felii
  • 1 ceapă roșii – tăiată semicercuri

Pentru carne:

  • 1 kg. – pulpe superioare de pui, dezosate și fără piele
  • 2 cloves minced garlic
  • 1 linguriță – paprika afumată
  • 1 teaspoon - dried oregano
  • 4 linguri – ulei de măsline
  • Salt and black pepper

Pentru sos:

  • 400 gr.­ – iaurt grecesc 10%
  • 1 cățel de usturoi mărunțit
  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 linguri – ulei de măsline
  • Sucul de la 1/3 lămâie
  • O mână – mărar și mentă
  • Salt and black pepper

Method of preparation:

  1. Marinează carnea: pune-o într-un bol, asezoneaz-o cu paprika, usturoi, oregano, ulei, sare, piper negru și amestecă în așa fel încât toate condimentele să acopere carnea.
  2. Încine o tigaie la foc mediu spre mare, adaugă ulei și pune cartofii, prăjește-i circa 20 de minute. De asemenea dacă dorești în poți condimenta cu sare, piper, ulei de măsline și să îi coci la cuptorul preîncălzit la 190 grade C 20-25 de minute.
  3. Cât cartofii se pregătesc, coace carnea pe grătar sau tigaie grill câte 6-7 minute pe fiecare parte sau în dependență de mărimea bucății de carne.
  4. Pregătește sosul tzatziki: răzuiește castravetele, apoi scurge-l bine de apă, pune castravetele răzuit în iaurtul grecesc, adaugă verdeața tăiată mărunt, usturoiul mărunțit, sucul de lămâie, ulei de măsline, sare, piper negru și amestecă.
  5. Când cartofii sunt gata, scoate-i pe un prosop de hârtie pentru a se absorbi excesul de ulei și asezonează-i cu puțină sare.
  6. Când carnea va fi gata, scoate-o pe un tocător și taie-o felii mai mici.
  7. Încălzește pitele și începe să asamblezi gyros: Unge mijlocul pitei pe orizontală cu sos, adaugă carnea, roșii, ceapa roșie, câteva felii de cartofi, strânge bazele laterale și învelește-le cu ajutorul unei hârtii de copt. Astfel îți va fi mai ușor să îl mănânci. Good appetite!
If you are preparing this recipe, don't forget to take a photo of it and use the hashtag #valeriesfood


Gyros grecesc cu pui și tzatziki – un preparat care câștigă tot mai mult teren la noi în țară. Este sățios, rapid și gustos. Una dintre cele mai indicate variante dintre meniurile de tip fast food. Acum nu mai trebuie să îl cumperi! Învață să îți faci propriul gyros cu pui și tzatziki, la tine în bucătărie.

Cum se face gyros grecesc cu pui și tzatziki

Într-un bol mediu se amestecă uleiul de măsline, zeama de lămâie, iaurtul, oțetul de vin, ceapa roșie, condimentele. Se pun cantitățile dorite, după gust.

Într-o pungă care se poate închide etanș se toarnă amestecul rezultat și se bagă puiul la marinat. Se lasă la marinat pentru 2-3 ore.

Puiul pentru gyros grecesc cu pui și tzatziki îl poți prepara cum dorești: fie în tigaie, pe grătar sau în cuptor.

Când este gata, taie-l fâșii, transferă-l pe o farfurie, unge-l cu puțin cu ulei de măsline și lasă-l acoperit 10 minute.

Acum se fac porțiile de gyros grecescu cu pui și tzatziki, pe rând. În mijlocul lipiei se pune un strat de pui, salată, roșii, castraveți, măsline, ceapă roșie, feta, pătrunjel și sos tzatziki.

Împachetează bine să nu se împrăștie conținutul. Gyrosul grecesc se servește cald, imediat.

Video: Σουβλάκι με Γύρο Χοιρινό και Τζατζίκι Επ. 55. Kitchen Lab TV. Άκης Πετρετζίκης