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This Tiny Hamster is a Bartender in Japan

This Tiny Hamster is a Bartender in Japan

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This is Ginji, and he wants you to relax at the bar for a while

Gingji is a Japanese hamster who runs a tiny tavern.

Ginji the hamster is the proprietor of a tiny izakaya that exists somewhere inside the home of Kosuke Sato, according to Rocket News 24.

今夜はヱビスやでー! ヱビスやでー! もっかい言うで? ヱビスやでー!やでー!やでー!

— 銀次(川辺石材の佐藤の上司) (@kawanabesatou) November 1, 2014

Ginji’s Twitter account claims that he is in fact Sato’s boss, and not the other way around, even though Sato is a human.

According to the translation provided by Rocket News 24, Ginji is a warm and welcoming barkeep who says things like, “Thanks for coming in! You had a pretty hectic week at work, huh? I can tell by the look on your face!”

おつかれさん! 一週間頑張ったやんな! 俺、知っとるで! 疲れきった顔してはるの!

— 銀次(川辺石材の佐藤の上司) (@kawanabesatou) October 31, 2014

Ginji’s izakaya is stocked with specially-ordered miniature interior furnishings, and his menu reportedly includes sashimi, nigiri-style sushi, soba noodles, curry rice, and a decent drink collection including sake and Japanese beers. Even without opposable thumbs, his knife skills appear to be extensive.

However, even though Ginji has his own well-stocked casual bar and restaurant, he’s also not immune to the late-night appeal of the convenience store.

コンビニで3000円も 使ってもぅた…

— 銀次(川辺石材の佐藤の上司) (@kawanabesatou) October 30, 2014

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