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Pinched pizza

Pinched pizza

Pfui ... to see at work such a maestro, skilled in making food just like a toy, with an unseen rapidity, a tasty minestrone soup, some pasta "al dente" with a little garlic, a few tomatoes and two basil leaves , roast pork ribs with a little oregano and coarse salt ... slowly to a few refined pieces of parmesan, a glass of chianti and two or three teaspoons of cold tiramisu, all closed with a strong coffee ... raw, tasty food , simple, far from the French finesse, good-looking, few in body and too insufficient ...

I get home in the evening, stubborn, tired ... sometimes disgusted by what is happening around us ... but I enter my earthly paradise ... in the kitchen ... I take my wife as a patient apprentice (she poor woman collects tons of misery behind me) and start the symphony:

Pinched pizza with flattened salami and Parmesan cheese!

I'm looking to join in the rhythm of the song, some serious notes, full of fat and with a wonderful taste, a little spicy sausage, some smoked ribs and spied salami. Then, effortlessly, I spread a marvel of simple dough with flour, olive oil, yeast, water, salt and egg and prick it in a jerky rhythm with a fork, then put it in the oven until it browns a little. Piano-piano, we spread over the dough some tomato sauce, a splash of soft and melting cheeses, smiling mushrooms, meats, parmesan, corn kernels and basil and oregano powders. Molto adagio, we enter the oven nicely, at maximum temperature and leave after a few intermezzos, browned, sizzling, deeply flavored and ready for the grand finale!

Molto passionato e molto allegro, I make a slice of my wife (the advantage of husbands with ladies who care about the figure), and I grab the rest, dizzy, thirsty, cooled by a good beer and then rich in Italian perfume.

Aiiii ... Master .... but what a beautiful life!

What is Pinsa?

The name Pinsa comes from the Latin word & ldquoPinsere & rdquo, which in Italian means stretch-spread out. Pinsa is far more digestible than Pizza due to its different dough hydration. Pinsa was invented before Pizza, thanks to an old Roman recipe. The water used for the dough is always cold and the dough has less carbohydrates and fat. Wheat, soy and rice are the main recipe ingredients.

Pinsa is an innovative food product as it perfectly matches the current and future growing demand for high quality, delicious and healthy food.

The combination of NON GMO rice flour and soy flour makes it crunchy on the outside, and even softer and lighter on the inside. The rice flour in the dough is a true revolution as nobody had ever taken advantage of its property of water absorption and digestibility in a pizza-like dough. It is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and magnesium, is gluten-free and reduces cholesterol in the blood.

These unique factors makes Pinsa one of the most delicious and digestible pizzas available in the world today.

Pizzicata Pizza - Recipes

This is the best pizza i've ever had. A must try and great atmosphere. The crust is not heavy and is lower in carbs than common pizza crust.

4 - 8 of 20 reviews

Our first time here. Midst of beautiful shops and surroundings! Lovely patio tho spartan seating inside the restaurant. Pizza was delicious, and perfect for 2. Wait staff was unsure if there was a HH or not (??). Surprised they were confused., We assume limited HH drink options. Owner was at door greeting diners on way in / out, which we appreciated. He was very approachable, a nice touch. We will return!

Well, I've always felt that Brugo's had the best pizza in the area but Pizzicata might be a bit better. We stopped for lunch with friends. Our friends split an Amatriciana pizza while I had a small Oceana and my husband had a small Atomica.

We were all blown away. We all felt this was some wonderful pizza. Our friends thought it was the best pizza they'd had in years. I love garlic and I raved about the shrimp, pesto and garlic concoction. My husband couldn’t get over the utterly fantastic mix of sausage, soppressata and onion.

The service was prompt and friendly, the pizza outstanding and that makes for a great lunch!

When something delicious opens up in this part of town, it gets busy quickly - especially during peak times like Friday and Saturday night during the high & quotsnow bird & quot season.
Pro tip: make a reservation and plan on a leisurely dining experience. It was absolutely busy Friday night, the kind of busy where it was all hands on deck to try and keep up. The receptionist was pitching in to deliver food and beverages to tables and so was the owner: I personally love seeing restaurants that have the sort of culture where everyone stands up to help the team in any way they can.
I knew better and failed to make a reservation. We did wait over an hour for a table. like we would've without reserving at any local Carefree or Cave Creek restaurant with a comparable price point during prime time. This restaurant has been open only a little over four months could there be some minor efficiencies like a clearly labeled & quotpick up & quot stand or just a wee bit of direction on the best place to wait for a table? Sure. And this team will figure it out - because they have a great concept and a team that is very clearly hard working and wanting to be part of our Carefree community.
Once we got seated, our servers were kind, personable and figured out the right balance of keeping the glasses filled while letting my girlfriend and I catch up on the last 13 years we’ve been living on opposite coasts. We didn’t have a dedicated wait person which was good - the all hands on deck situation lasted until a little after 9pm.
Now, when it's this kind of busy, I can't help but wonder if the food will be as good as usual. It may have actually even been better. We shared a caprese salad, a tortellini pasta with an excellently crafted sausage cream sauce and the amatriciana pinsa. You can find more detail on the crust tongs - I personally like it because it has that perfect combination of crisp yet doughy that is often lacking in gluten-reduced options. The wine list has good selections - yes, they might be a buck or two more a glass, but they are also nice, predominantly Italian, wines. We also enjoyed a sip of limoncello to round out the evening.
All in all: this is a fantastic addition to Spanish Village in Carefree. I'll definitely be back to support Federico and team.

The pins were tasty however, each 15 & quot pins only feeds 1-2 people. While 15 & quot sounds like the size of a large pizza, these are not equivalent.

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Click the link below, enter your address and then you can decide for yourself if you’d like to order online, on the phone, or come visit us in person. Whichever way you go, it all ends in pizza.


If you already know your favorite local Pizzicato, you can just call them as usual to order all your favorite pizzas.


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Pizzicata Pizza - Recipes

Davide Lubrano earned his pizza knowledge by being classically trained at the Roman Pizza Academy and living the life of a third-generation pizzaiolo from Naples. Vinny Gallagher is a self-taught, San Francisco natural-leaven dough freak who won the 2019 USA Caputo Cup and was featured in the NY Times and Pizza Today.

Our name Pizzata or a “pizza party” (bluntly in Italian) symbolizes how we think pizza should be eaten — with a group of your favorite people.

At Pizza, we obsess over every ingredient starting with our naturally leavened dough. It’s part of our commitment to provide the community with food worth celebrating.

Why we are bonkers for naturally leavened dough at Pizzata:

A long, slow fermentation makes the dough easier to digest, evokes the full flavor and aroma of baked goods, all while improving its mouthfeel.

Time-tested. All dough was naturally leavened for thousands of years until the advent of commercial yeast in the 1850s.

Balancing the symbiotic relationship between Philly’s native yeast and our production needs keeps each day interesting.

Allows us to express our gratitude to the inspiring pizza community and our Philadelphia neighbors for all their support.


Like all good things, Pinsa takes time. There & # 8217s a striving for quality in our unique dough starter and our grains milled in Italy. There & # 8217s a science to the cold working method used on our dough. There & # 8217s a precision to make sure that each phase is performed at the perfect temperature. A precision that allows the complex sugars and proteins to break down into their more basic elements, giving us a product that & # 8217s enjoyable to eat and easy to digest. So what & # 8217s is the difference between us and pizza?

For starters Pinsa has a healthier side to that of the traditional pizza. With 48% less sugar, 85% less fat, 100% less cholesterol and 33% fewer calories, Pinsa dough cuts out much of the unhealthiness we & # 8217re accustomed to with pizza.

In addition, instead of merely using bread flower, Pinsa uses a mixture of high quality non-GMO Wheat, Rice and Soy flours. What does this do? It creates a dough that is substantially higher in moister due to the wheat, while being crunchy and without animal fats thanks to the rice and soy. Once all of these are combined, the dough is left to mature over 72 hours and break down into simple sugars, which gives us a substantially more digestible product.

Want to try it out for yourself? Click the below menu button and come by Pizzicata for fresh, authentic Pinsa. Gratzie.

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