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New App for Ordering Beer Abroad

New App for Ordering Beer Abroad

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How to order beer abroad with the new 'Pivo-Order A Beer' app

They say the most important things you should be able to say when traveling abroad are “Thank you,” “What are the directions to my hotel?” and “One beer, please!” Ok maybe not the last one, but if you are planning on ordering beer in a variety of different countries you may want to check out the “Pivo – Order a Beer” app for your iPhone.

For 99 cents, you get to see how to order a beer in 59 different languages from Mongolian to Gaelic, and the pronunciation, in case you can’t say une bière, s’il vous plaît (oon bww-air, seel voo pleh). On the app store, ‘Order a Beer’ has pretty good reviews. One user commented, “Not only can you learn how to order a beer in tons of languages, some countries have audio/video tutorials form their respective natives!!! Cheers!”