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Top Rated Easy Recipes

For me, dinner isn't over until I've had something sweet. Dessert is not an option, but a requirement. Combine that desire with a super-easy recipe and I'm a happy man! If you're human (and not allergic to any of the ingredients), you're going to like these!

This recipe for falafel cuts down on preparation time. It's perfect for those who want an easier version of falafel. — Stacia_This recipe is courtesy of Stacia_ via

Brownies are one of the most popular desserts in America. Easy to make, but with little variation. No matter if they turn out cake-like or fudgy, every batch tastes the same. As fall turns to winter, why not add a taste of winter? Melting a layer of chocolate thin mints on a regular batch of brownies will add serious flavor to this sweet treat. Give this cool easy dessert a try — it is a cinch to make anytime of the year.

This Chicken salad is Quick Easy and Delish...

A holiday favorite tastes even better when you use savory Portobello mushroom soup. It adds fantastic flavor to this crunchy, creamy, and delicious side! This recipe comes from Campbell’s Kitchen.Click Here to See More Casserole Recipes

Filet mignon is such a tender cut of beef, you don't need to do much to make it taste amazing. This recipe just adds a bit of bacon to the mix, but it's an optional addition to a great meal.Click here to see Beef Recipes For Any Night of the Week

This easy guacamole is as simple as chopping a few ingredients and then mixing them together. If you don't have time to chop, dice, and mince to the recipes specifications, try giving everything a rough chop — except the garlic, which you should pass through a garlic press or mince by hand — and then toss the ingredients in a food processor. After a few quick pulses you'll have a creamy and delicious dip.Click here for more of our best guacamole recipes.

To say I love peanut butter is an understatement. Then combine the creamy, nutty goodness with melted chocolate, and it's like heaven on Earth.There are so many peanut butter cookies out there — some crispy, others chewy, and yet more rich and dense. These easy cookies are gluten-free, as there is no flour, as well as dairy-free. Better yet, they don't require any mixing equipment. Whip them up, bake them off, and then you have a light and airy treat in a matter of minutes.Click here to see more easy cookie recipes.

While I roasted this lovely piece of meat, you can also easily butterfly it and cook it on the grill during the summer (of course, remove the bone first). When using such high-quality meat such as Lava Lake Lamb, there isn't much that needs to be done. So in this simple recipe, I used the classic lamb pairings of rosemary and garlic, plus some fresh sage and then salt, pepper, and olive oil. Of course, you're welcome to get a little fancier and create a Dijon marinade instead or try basting the lamb with Dijon periodically while it's cooking. Up to you.I suggest serving this with crisp, roasted potatoes and some quickly roasted tomatoes as well.Click here to see more Luscious Lamb recipes.

Gingersnaps are typically eaten during the holiday season, but they're a comforting cookie to bake any time of year.Recipe courtesy of Rachel Cooks.

These tacos, with crispy fried white fish and fresh avocado, are perfect for warm weather. It's the perfect weeknight meal after a busy day at work. Pop open a cerveza, pass around some chips and salsa, and kick back and relax.Check out Everything You Want to Know About Avocados.See all recipes for tilapia.

What is more comforting on a cool winter night than roasted fingerling potatoes and rosemary with a nice big slice of meatloaf? Not much.This easy and utterly delicious recipe is inspired by a recipe of my grandmother's. While she grates her onions, so you can't detect the texture, I instead opted to sauté a finely diced onion and then combine it with fresh herbs for a new twist. You could cheat and top the meatloaf with ketchup, like many "easy" meatloaf recipes suggest, but the cloyingly sweet topping is nowhere near as delicious as a homemade topping.Serve with those crisp-roasted potatoes and some roasted broccoli. Comfort food at its finest!Click here to see Cozy Comfort Food Recipes.

Easy baking recipes ready in under an hour

Baking at home is one of the ultimate treats. Try our easy recipes for comforting classics and showstopping twists. From our easiest ever chocolate fudge cake to cheat's custard tarts and quick brownies

Published: February 15, 2019 at 10:23 am

Looking for quick and easy baking recipes to try at home? Need an easy cake ready in under an hour? Try one of our quick and easy baking recipes, including easy cupcakes, cheerful traybakes and indulgent chocolate cakes.

Ask for tips and share your creations on social media #olivemagrecipes.


Easy chocolate brownies

A classic, gooey chocolate brownie recipe ready in forty five minutes that can be ramped up with added ingredients. We’ve included three suggestions of additional ingredients for more opportunities (excuses) to bake this wonder.

White chocolate, tahini and pretzel cookies

Tahini gives a lovely sweet/salty kick to these crisp, grown-up cookies, while pretzels add extra crunch.

Rock cakes

A rustic version of scones, have a go at baking these easy-to-make rock cakes for a sweet treat to enjoy at the weekend.

Classic Swiss roll

Enjoy a light and airy sponge, coated in crunchy sugar and bursting with fruity jam for a vintage teatime treat.

Classic millionaire's shortbread

This is the perfect trio of buttery shortbread, gooey caramel and thick, sweet chocolate. Ideal for enjoying with an afternoon cup of tea, keep you biscuit tin filled to the brim with these moreish beauties.

Classic vegan carrot cake

Invite your vegan friends for afternoon tea and bake this British classic, ready in just 1 hour! Our frosted carrot cake is made with a surprising (vegan) ingredient that guarantees a moist sponge every time.

Quick and easy chocolate fudge cake

Need to bake a last-minute birthday cake? Our chocolate fudge cake recipe is super quick and easy to make so it is perfect for a simple yet decadent cake for a special occasion. You don't need to use a chocolate with a high % for this, just standard dark chocolate is fine.

Biscoff cookies

Chewy, golden cookies with crunchy biscuit crumbs and a melting Biscoff middle. These mouth-watering cookies will disappear in a flash.

Vegan lemon loaf cake

A delicate, zingy vegan lemon cake made without eggs, milk or butter! The key to that lemony tang is a decent lemon extract (we use Nielsen-Massey), ready in just 1 hour!

Quick Victoria sponge

A classic, simple Victoria sponge is one of the recipes that you should have in your repertoire as it's ready in under an hour. This traditional sponge cake uses an all-in-one method making it quick, easy and the perfect party cake. Once you master this, bake sales and afternoon tea will no longer be daunting, and making variations will be easy. Try our easy cake recipes here.

Chocolate muffins

Is there anything better than a soft, spongy, oven-warm chocolate muffin with melting milk chocolate chunks? Our foolproof recipe shows you how to make them in just 35 minutes.

Portuguese custard tarts

Portuguese custard tarts made easy with with step-by-step help from the olive test kitchen. Use ready-made puff pastry to make this recipe ready in under an hour. Dusting the pastry with icing sugar gives the tarts a golden, caramelised crust when cooked.

Ultimate chocolate fudge cake

Enjoy a slice of heaven in under an hour! Our decadent chocolate cake is covered in silky smooth frosting and we teach you how to create dark chocolate curls for an artisan finish.

Cheat’s ginger, salted caramel and rum cake

Transform simple ginger loaf into this boozy cake in just 25 minutes by soaking in rum and caramel then layering with boozy caramel cream.

Quick cinnamon buns

Check out our easiest ever cinnamon buns that are quick to make because they use ready made puff pastry. Bake and enjoy now or save for a weekend breakfast – just make sure to eat them warm from the oven.

Apricot and white chocolate cookies

These apricot and white chocolate cookies are really quick and easy to make but taste delicious. They are ideal for a bit of baking and only take 40 minutes. Try our biscuit recipes here.

Salted caramel and pear blondies

Check out these moreish blondies with salted caramel and pears. Whip these up in under an hour for an easy treat to serve friends or family.

Cherry bakewell tart

Our cherry bakewell tart is an exceedingly good tart – serve with a cup of builder’s tea for a proper English teatime treat, perfect to serve when guests come for tea last minute.

Quick coffee cake

Classic coffee cake is one of our all-time favourite afternoon treats. In this recipe, we've given it a modern twist to include deliciously crunchy pecan brittle. It makes a quick baking recipe that's really impressive.

Croissant cinnamon buns

Check out these easy-to-make, moreish cinnamon buns. This simple cinnamon bun recipe uses Jus-Rol croissant dough making them extra flaky and extra crispy.

Jammie Dodger blondies

Check out these super easy super fun blondies using a children's classic biscuit, Jammie Dodgers. These fudgy moreish white chocolate blondies are a great alternative to a traditional chocolate brownie, and will go perfectly with your afternoon cuppa.

Chocolate chip cookie pizza

This chocolate chip cookie pizza is super easy to make and great fun with all the family. Crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside, this giant cookie makes for a great alternative to a birthday cake that's quick to make.

Salted caramel shortbread

Sweet and salty flavours are an ongoing trend and this shortbread recipe is the perfect way to blend these flavours. It's quick and easy baking and will please a crowd. Find our quick and easy traybake recipes here.

Quick apricot and hazelnut pastries

Check out these flaky apricot pastries with creamy fresh custard and sweet apricots, the perfect weekend breakfast treat ready in 35 minutes.

Texas sheet cake

Our birthday traybake works brilliantly as a base for any kid's birthday cake. It's actually a 'sheet cake', a standard baking treat in Texas. We've added a chocolate topping here, but you could it personalise it any way you like. Try our epic birthday cake recipes for everyone here.

Jaffa cupcakes

Check out these fun and easy orange cupcakes with silky smooth chocolate frosting and old school Jaffa cakes. Make these cupcakes for an impressive alternative to a showstopping birthday cake.

Easy white chocolate fudge cake

Our white chocolate fudge cake is easy to make, looks fantastic and is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser.

Peanut butter and jelly scones

Peanut butter and jelly is a classic American flavour combination. This combined with an English classic to make peanut butter and jelly scones is sure to be a new favourite.

Sticky honey cakes

This recipe for sticky honey cakes is really easy to make and they look great. The combination of honey, lemon and ginger works really well together and they're surprisingly low-cal.

Ginger shortbreads

Try our easy shortbread recipe for triple ginger biscuits. These crumbly ginger shortbreads are perfect for elevenses with a hot cup of tea or alternatively with strawberries and cream for dessert.

Salted maple brownies

How do you make brownies even better? Add sea salt and maple of course! This recipe is really easy to make but looks impressive and delivers big flavours. Our top brownie recipes are here

Jam tarts

This is a perfect tea-time recipe for the whole family. Recruit the kids to help you dolloping jam into the delicate pastry cases and use different jams to get a multicoloured plateful.

Piña colada tarts

Add a Caribbean twist to your baking with pineapple, coconut and rum flavours of piña colada. Use ready-baked tarts if you want to make this dessert even easier.

Peanut butter thumbprint cookies

These peanut butter thumbprint cookies use the classic peanut butter and jam (or jelly) combination in a fun new way. They're best eaten the day they're made.

Bourbon biscuit brownies

What's better than a chocolate Bourbon biscuit? Chocolate Bourbon brownies! This is one of our favourite recipes of 2016 - trust us, you'll need to make a double batch.

Frosted lemon fairy cakes

These cute little lemon cupcakes would work equally well for a kids party, baby shower or just a treat to serve with afternoon tea. If you are short of time make the sponges ahead and store in an airtight box then ice on the day.

Cobnut and chocolate shortbreads

Chocolate shortbreads, our favourite biscuit already, but add cobnuts (part of the hazelnut family) and your teatime treat just got a whole lot better.

Coffee and walnut cupcakes

Coffee and walnut cake is a teatime favourite. With this recipe, we've given it a modern makeover by giving it the cupcake treatment. Pipe the icing sky-high for maximum cake drama.

Custard cream blondies

Ever thought of adding custard creams to your blondie mixture? It's genius! Have a go this weekend and let us know how you get on (@olivemagazine).

Salted peanut and honeycomb rocky road

These salted peanut and honeycomb rocky road squares are a great twist on a classic and will please everyone. Plus, they're really easy and only take 15 minutes of work.

Classic banana bread

Okay, so this perhaps takes a tiny bit longer than an hour, but it's super simple and requires just six ingredients. A real classic, and perfect for a teatime treat or breakfast snack.

Olive magazine podcast ep77 - giant cookie pizzas, Christmas drinks and wild adventures in Sweden

This week on the olive magazine podcast, the cookery team talk about next-generation food gifts, including gin and tonic dip dabs and giant pizza cookies.


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Quick & easy

From curry in a hurry, to simple sauces and flash-cooked feasts, get creative with some last minute speedy suppers.

Quick recipes

Quick and easy recipes that are simple to prepare and fast to cook

Easy recipes

Keep it easy with these simple but delicious recipes. From make-ahead lunches and midweek meals to fuss-free sides and moreish cakes, we've got everything you need.

Easy baking recipes

Bake for relaxation with our enticingly simple recipes for foolproof sponge cakes, cupcakes, traybakes and biscuits. Ideal for an afternoon tea or cake sale.

10 New Ways to Eat Empanadas

Empanadas are, hands down, the best snack food ever. They really are. Punto. The dough is super easy to make, and then all you do is stuff it full of your favorite filling (meat, chicken, fish, olives, eggs, it's all good!), close them up, and bake or fry until they're crispy and golden-brown. Here are 10 mouthwatering recipes.

1. Beef and potato empanadas. Traditional beef empanadas are good. These ones, courtesy of blogger Jonathan Melendez of the Candid Appetite, are better.

2. Chicken enchilada empanadas. A little different than traditional fare, true, but when it comes to food, it pays to keep an open mind, and these rolled-up pieces of goodness are delicious.

3. Empanadas Mendocinas. A recipe for those craving the traditional Argentinian mix of beef, olives, and hard-boiled eggs.

4. Three sisters' empanadas. This vegetarian recipe is named for the filling, which is made up of beans, squash, and corn. The Kitchn reports that according to Iroquois legend, these three veggies need less tending when grown next to one another, hence, the "three sisters" nickname.

5. Mushroom and cheese empanadas. Raisins + fontina cheese + mushrooms = a suuper rica end result that's both savory and sweet.

6. Empanadas de jamón y queso. This recipe is simple, flavorful, and oozes with cheesy goodness.

7. Pumpkin cream cheese empanadas. Forget about the pumpkin spice latte and try this pumpkin-tinged recipe the next time you feel your sweet tooth taking over. It's like a tiny, perfect-sized pumpkin cheesecake to go.

8. Chocolate dulce de leche empanadas. The perfect postre, this recipe includes chocolate, dulce de leche, sea salt, and cinnamon (um, yum!), and is best served with a scoop of ice cream.

9. Fried cheese empanadas. Fried dough and cheese is always a good idea. You literally cannot go wrong with this recipe.

10. Crab empanadas with potatoes and queso fresco. Get your seafood fix with this light and refreshing recipe.

Dried Fruits and Nuts

Trail mix is among the best camping foods because the mixture of nuts, grains, and dried fruits keep well, are easy to carry, and provide plenty of nutritional value. You don’t have to settle for the mainstream fare, either. Pick up your favorite ingredients and create your own trail mix recipes. Don’t forget to add some tasty goodies like yogurt-covered raisins or dried bananas and pineapple to give the mix a sweeter flavor.

Nuts by themselves are perfect for an RV camping trip, but shell them ahead of time or buy them ready-to-eat. The great outdoors is ours to protect and even though nutshells are biodegradable, a trail of peanut hulls is not what the people behind you want to see underfoot.

Recipe Summary

  • 3 pounds fruit (see options, below), cut into 1-inch chunks if large, stone fruit pitted
  • 1 1/2 pounds sugar (3 1/3 cups)
  • Coarse salt
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

Stir together fruit, sugar, and 1/4 teaspoon salt in a large heavy-bottomed pot. Bring to a boil, stirring until sugar is dissolved and mashing fruit with a potato masher. Add lemon juice continue to boil, stirring frequently, until bubbles slow, chunks of fruit show at top, and mixture clings to a spoon but falls off in clumps, 10 to 12 minutes. Skim foam from top.

Ladle jam into clean containers, leaving 3/4 inch of headroom. Let cool completely. Cover, label, and refrigerate up to 1 month, or freeze up to 1 year.

30-Minute Meal-Prep Recipes to Save Time on Sunday Funday

Meal prep is a strategy that makes it easier to eat healthy, home-cooked meals throughout the week. That’s why we keep the whole meal-prep thing short and sweet — and sometimes spicy.

These easy, healthy meal-prep recipes take just 30 minutes or less. That’s what meal-prep is really about: creating nutritious meals easily and efficiently. That way, they’re ready when you are.

1. Quick and easy chicken spring roll jars

Your grab-and-go meals are as attractive as they are tasty with these mason jar noodles (you could also put them in other containers, but this way is more fun).

With spicy chicken on the bottom, rice vermicelli on top, and fresh veggies sandwiched in between, they’re a healthier and more refreshing alternative to fried spring rolls.

2. Meal-prep sesame chicken pasta salad

Pasta salads are a no-brainer for meal prep: They last a few days, and the flavors get even better as the ingredients hang out together.

You’ll love the sweet and tangy sesame dressing of this dish even more on the fourth day than you did on the first.

3. Spicy peanut chicken wraps

Even counting the time to cook the chicken, this recipe comes together in 20 minutes flat. Tuck the shredded meat into tortillas along with broccoli slaw and a sriracha-spiced peanut sauce and scratch off four lunches from your to-do list this week.

4. Honey sriracha glazed meatballs

These easy baked turkey meatballs are glazed in a sweet and spicy sauce. Bake 40 of these as a tasty protein component of your make-ahead meal.

Freeze them or keep them in the fridge to use throughout the week. Top salads, grains, pasta, or cauliflower rice or tuck them into a whole-wheat pita.

5. Smoky green bean turkey skillet

Short on time and groceries? Turn to this five-ingredient skillet meal to save hours in the days ahead. Frozen green beans, jarred salsa, and a paprika-garlic-basil salt jazz up ground turkey.

6. Meal-prep Vietnamese beef and riced veggies

No need to wait for rice to cook with this meal when you’ve got frozen riced veggies to keep the prep time short (and the carb count light).

Top the colorful bed of faux grains with tender chunks of beef and store the peanutty hoisin sauce separately to drizzle over everything when you’re ready to dig in.

7. Salsa verde taco meal-prep bowls

This recipe makes eight servings and is a good use of leftover brown rice or quickly cooked cauliflower rice or quinoa.

There’s no guac or cheese in these to-go bowls, and you won’t even miss them — salsa verde, cumin, and oregano give the ground beef plenty of Tex-Mex flavor.

8. Dijon steak nicoise salad

Meal prep goes (sorta) gourmet with this simple but refined steak salad. As long as you keep the dressing, veggies, and meat separate until it’s time to eat, you can enjoy a bistro-style lunch or dinner several times a week.

9. Cumin spiced beef wraps

Bite through these crisp rolls to a spicy beef filling. Lettuce wraps like these are designed for meal prep. Keep the leaves and the filling separate until chow time, so there’s no chance of the leaves getting soggy.

10. Meal-prep tuna salad

We usually whip out a can of tuna when we’re tight on time. But make tuna salad in advance, and life gets even easier. In this version, it’s cushioned with fresh tomatoes and hard-boiled eggs in your lunch box.

That’s how plain ol’ tuna becomes a real meal. (Bet you didn’t notice there’s no bread.)

11. One-pan baked cod and veggies

Yes, cod is meal-prep friendly. Once it’s cooked, you can keep it in the fridge for a couple of days… if it lasts that long.

This terrific one-pan recipe makes four servings, which can be one special dinner for two followed by lunch the next day.

12. Healthy sheet pan tilapia and veggies

Having leftover brown rice is key to making this a complete meal in 30 minutes. If you don’t have any, the roasted fish fillets and veggies go equally well with quicker-cooking grains like quinoa.

13. Shrimp teriyaki zucchini noodles meal prep

Spiralized zucchini makes this a salad in noodle form. Shrimp and veggies are tossed in homemade glaze. We reduce the amount of honey to 1 tablespoon to ensure the dish doesn’t become an accidental sugar bomb.

14. Honey BBQ baked salmon bowls

Quinoa cooks up in less than half the time rice does, so it’s a great meal-prep candidate. Here, the fluffy, protein-rich seeds are topped with nutritional powerhouses like salmon, avocado, and pumpkin seeds.

15. Healthy meal-prep bowls

Go back to basics with these simple, straightforward meal-prep bowls. Calling for neat and colorful rows of veggies, chickpeas, quinoa, and feta, this no-cook recipe makes it easy to eat the rainbow.

16. Meal-prep veggie stir-fry

The key to this timesaver is prepping all the veggies at once, so you’ll be ready to stir up a sizzling mix in minutes throughout the week. This blogger has scoped out non-plastic containers for meal prep and carrying to the office.

17. Greek kale and quinoa salad meal-prep bowls

This vegetarian salad smiles back at you. Massaged the kale in lemon-olive oil dressing and layer it over fluffy quinoa. Then add crunchy cucumbers, savory olives, salty feta, creamy hummus, and whole chickpeas.

Garnish with fresh dill and lemon wedges. Their bright flavors will make you happy to eat this satisfying salad 3 days in a row.

18. Tofu burrito bowl meal prep

Chipotle sofritas, step aside! The spiced tofu mixture in these meal-prep burrito bowls is tastier and healthier, and it takes just 15 minutes to make. Score!

Plus, since the recipe makes enough for five meals, the cost per meal is just a fraction of what you’ll pay at a fast-food joint.

19. Quinoa fajita bowls

Quinoa is the protein source in these vegan fajitas. Fajita seasoning and jarred pepperoncini are smart shortcuts that punch up the flavor in this bowl of goodness.

20. Sun-dried tomato chickpea one-pot pasta

You’ve got options with this one-pot recipe. Either combine all the sauce ingredients in advance so all you have to do is dump them in a pot with hot pasta come dinnertime, or make the whole thing on Sunday night and divvy it up in individual containers.

Spending all day meal-prepping is a thing of the past. With these recipes, you’ll have food on your plate (and ready for the rest of week) before the end of that Netflix episode you’re watching. Now that’s what we call fast.

Discover Tilly's recipe for Lean Machine Chicken Skewers. The combination of pine nuts, Parmesan and sun-blushed tomatoes is amazing.

Take over the kitchen with Tilly’s new recipe book, 'Tilly's Kitchen Takeover'.

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65 Dump and Go Instant Pot and Slow Cooker Recipes

Honey Lime Salsa Verde Chicken—chicken tenders infused with lots of bright flavors. Green salsa, honey, lime, and plenty of seasonings will have you licking your plate! This chicken is perfect with rice, on tortillas, wrapped up in lettuce or plain.

Cashew Chicken–this cashew chicken is just as good as your favorite Chinese restaurant. It’s super easy and flavorful and it’s all made in the comfort of your own kitchen. The instant pot speeds up the process and helps get dinner on the table in minutes.

Garlic Parmesan Sausage Chowder—a colorful and flavorful summer chowder with garlic, smoked sausage, parmesan cheese, corn, potatoes, green beans and carrots. Your whole family will love this soup!

Dijon Chicken—tender bites of bone-in chicken thighs and mushrooms are covered in a dijon, lemon and tarragon sauce. An easy electric pressure cooker recipe that is quick to get started.

Sausage, Sweet Potatoes and Broccoli—a flavorful, healthy-ish and easy dump-and-go meal with just a handful of ingredients. This will quickly become a family favorite!


3-Ingredient Meatballs—These meatballs are a perfect appetizer. With only 3 ingredients and the use of your Instant Pot they literally take 3 minutes of hands-on time. They are super flavorful with a little bit of savory and a little bit of sweetness.

Chicken Lo Mein—an easy make-at-home version of your favorite Chinese takeout meal. Spaghetti, bites of chicken and lots of veggies are pulled together with a savory asian sauce.

Dakota Smashed Pea and Barley Soup—A hearty split pea soup with barley, carrots, onions, savory herbs and green onions. This is a copycat recipe of the popular vegan soup sold at California Pizza Kitchen.

Sour Cream Pork Chops—tasty pork chops with hardly any ingredients. The creamy sauce tastes amazing! This recipe is low carb and gluten free.

Crack Chicken Chili—addictive and delicious creamy chicken chili with bacon!

Ranch Chicken Taco Rice—An easy 5-ingredient dump and press start recipe for the Instant Pot. Rice, chicken and black beans with lots of flavor.

Mexican Quinoa and Black Beans—flavorful quinoa with salsa, black beans and sliced avocado. A fast and easy meatless meal or an amazing side dish.

Smoked Sausage, Green Beans and Potatoes—the easiest meal with the most amazing results. Smoked sausage, fresh green beans, cubed potatoes and a couple of seasonings are cooked together quickly in your electric pressure cooker for an easy one pot, dump and press start meal.

Creamy Chicken Rice Dinner—a simple chicken and rice dinner with carrots and spinach. It’s creamy but doesn’t have any “cream of” soups in it and takes just a few minutes to dump everything in and go.

Mango Salsa Chicken–With only 4 ingredients this will be a go-to summer recipe. It’s perfect over rice, on tortillas or over riced cauliflower.

Zesty Chicken—an easy, flavorful casserole with rice, chicken, crispy fried onions and vegetables.

Tender Salsa Beef—a super easy 5 ingredient and 5 minute prep recipe. A Mexican twist on comfort food.

Chicken Ranch Rice—tender bites of chicken with smoky bacon, chopped spinach, parmesan cheese and creamy rice.

Homemade Rice-A-Roni—Do you love “the San Francisco treat” but want to make it from scratch? Make this super easy version of Rice-A-Roni in your Instant Pot! It’s the perfect side dish for so many meals.

Lemon Butter Garlic Salmon with Homestyle Vegetables–flaky wild Alaska salmon is steamed on the top of red potatoes and carrots in your electric pressure cooker and drizzled with garlic, fresh lemon juice and butter. A one pot meal that is healthy and delicious!

Chicken Rice Bowls–An easy dump and go recipe with chicken, rice (of your choice), enchilada sauce, black beans and spices. This is a perfect dinner for a busy weeknight or a good option to pack in individual containers for lunches during the week.

Make this Instant Pot Penne in Cajun Mustard Cream Sauce for a quick and easy weeknight meal. With options to prepare it with andouille sausage or meatless you can make everyone happy.

Maple Dijon Chicken and Sweet Potatoes–chicken, sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts drizzled with a sauce made with maple syrup, dijon mustard, rosemary and olive oil. A simple one pot recipe with a delicious flavor!

Chicken Alfredo Salsa Pasta–the easiest recipe ever. With just four ingredients and your pressure cooker this is a perfect meal to make when you’re busy but still want to put dinner on the table! Kids and adults alike love this creamy penne pasta and will be asking for seconds.

Alfredo Salsa Tortellini–creamy and slightly spicy cheesy tortellini prepared in about one minute using your slow cooker.

Creamy Mushroom Sauce Pork–the easiest recipe ever. With only 2 ingredients the prep for this pork dinner is minimal. Plus you make it in the slow cooker or Instant Pot so it’s completely a hands-off recipe.

5-Ingredient Enchilada Chicken–a fast and easy dump and go recipe. The saucy chicken can be served in tacos, burritos, salads, nachos, quesadillas or over rice.

Homestyle Chicken and Vegetables–well seasoned chicken, green beans, red potatoes and carrots are all cooked together. A true one pot meal that is family friendly, tastes amazing and is so easy to put together.

Santa Fe Beans and Rice–brown rice, kidney beans and black beans are simmered with salsa, corn and seasonings. The beans and rice are topped with garlic lime sour cream and grated cheddar cheese. You can serve this as a meatless meal or add in chicken for some extra protein. We love this easy and healthy, family friendly meal.

Beef and Cheddar Sandwiches–the easiest recipe to make ever. With only 5 ingredients total (beef, broth, onion soup mix, cheddar and sandwich buns) you may be thinking that this recipe is just too easy to taste good. Well, you’re wrong! The flavor is amazing and your family will be asking for seconds.

Teriyaki Chicken—This easy chicken teriyaki recipe uses a homemade sauce made with pineapple juice, soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic and ginger. It has the perfect balance of sweet and savory. You can even use frozen chicken! Make it a meal by serving it with rice, pineapple chunks and shredded cabbage.

Pork Chop Fajitas–make amazingly flavorful fajitas (thanks to a secret ingredient) in the Instant Pot or slow cooker with pork chops. When you buy those inexpensive mega packs of pork chops use this recipe to mix up dinner and bring something new to the table (literally).

Chicken Chili Mac–an easy one pot recipe for cheesy chili mac made with tender bites of chicken and two kinds of beans. A perfect easy weeknight meal and it’s made in a jiffy in your electric pressure cooker.

3-Ingredient Rump Roast–an easy beginner recipe for the Instant Pot. Beef pot roast is cooked until tender in the electric pressure cooker. If desired you can also make carrots and potatoes with the roast.

Salsa Verde Chicken is the perfect recipe to have in your back pocket on those days when you don’t have the time or energy to cook. With just 2 ingredients this recipe is quick and easy. It tastes great and can be served in many ways including over rice, in tacos, burritos or quesadillas or on top of salad.

Buffalo Chicken Gyros–bleu cheese dressing is spooned down the middle of a warm pita and then topped with shredded chicken that has been stirred together with buffalo sauce. Then it’s topped with crunchy celery and bleu cheese crumbles. This is a party in your mouth!

Meatballs–you can make meatballs in your electric pressure cooker or slow cooker! They’re tender and taste great served over pasta and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. This is a hands off recipe that takes just a few minutes to cook. Try making these with ground turkey, beef, pork, chicken or a combination.

3-Ingredient Chicken and Gravy–an almost embarrassingly easy recipe for a good old fashioned dinner. Serve the chicken and gravy over mashed potatoes, rice, noodles, toast or biscuits

Hawaiian Chicken–a super fast and easy, 5-ingredient, dump and go Instant Pot recipe of slightly sweet chicken and pineapples. Serve this chicken on Hawaiian rolls or over rice.

Cheater Korean Beef and Brown Rice–a quick version of a classic recipe made in your electric pressure cooker. The best part is that the beef and rice cook at the same time in the same Instant Pot.

No Peek Chicken–that easy 3-ingredient chicken and rice recipe from your childhood that has cream of mushroom soup in it. Only this time it’s made in your Instant Pot.

Salsa Lime Chicken–so you have frozen chicken breasts in the freezer and need to make dinner? Throw them in the Instant Pot or crockpot with some salsa, lime juice and some seasonings and you’ll get perfectly shreddable chicken that you can serve in burritos, enchiladas, tacos, salads or quesadillas. Dinner can’t get easier than this!

Smoked Sausage with Parmesan and Orzo–smoked sausage, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, orzo and parmesan cheese cooked quickly in your pressure cooker. This meal is loaded with flavor and is a dump and go one pot meal.

Chicken Fajita Ricea throw everything into the Instant Pot and walk away meal! Flavorful rice and chicken that has all the great flavors from chicken fajitas! Make it with brown or white rice.

Cheater Beef Stew–if you’re looking for the easiest beef stew recipe you may have found it! This recipe is made quickly in your Instant Pot and requires little to no prep and only 5 ingredients. No sauteing, chopping or browning. And best of all it tastes great!

BBQ Beef Sandwiches–tender shredded beef with an easy homemade barbecue sauce served on a toasted bun. An easy and delicious dinner!

Lemon Rice–Greek-inspired lemon rice is perfect to serve as a side dish or with chicken. It’s flavor is subtle, but delicious.

Fiesta Lime Chicken—shredded chicken with a creamy, flavorful sauce that’s made quickly in your Instant Pot. And you can make rice at the same time in the same pot to serve with the chicken. An easy dinner for any night of the week.

Firecracker Chicken—sweet and spicy tender pieces of saucy chicken made quickly in your electric pressure cooker.

Garlic Mushroom Chicken–a creamy sauce is spooned over mushrooms, tender bites of chicken (and optional broccoli). A delicious dump and go recipe that you can make with frozen chicken.

Green Chile Chicken Orzo Soup–a creamy chicken soup with orzo and green chiles. It’s got cream cheese and avocados for creaminess and lots of flavor from diced green chiles and salsa verde. An easy dump and go recipe.

White Chicken Lasagna–a cheater, dump and go lasagna recipe with Alfredo sauce, lasagna noodles, chunks of chicken, spinach and Parmesan cheese. This recipe is made quickly in your electric pressure cooker.

Cheesy Enchilada Rice–brown rice is pressure cooked with enchilada sauce and spices in minutes and then topped with sharp cheddar, diced avocado and a wedge of lime.

Alfredo Sausage Pasta—flavorful bites of smoked sausage with a creamy sauce that envelopes spaghetti noodles.

Savory Pork Burrito Bowls–perfectly tender and shreddable 5 ingredient pork is cooked quickly in your Instant Pot and then served with rice, guacamole, black beans, sour cream and more of your favorite toppings.

Garlic Beef–fork tender roast beef that is flavored with garlic and other filipino adobo flavors. This recipe only has 6 ingredients. It’s perfect to serve on rolls or over rice for a quick and easy dinner that can feed a crowd.

Creamy Salsa Chicken—tender bites of chicken with an amazing sauce of just 3 ingredients: salsa, lime juice, and sour cream. This chicken and sauce tastes great over rice or rolled up in a tortilla. Plus it’s so fast and easy to make, you can even use frozen chicken.

Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwiches—tender shredded chicken coated with a honey mustard sauce and then served with pickles on top of freshly baked buns.

Mexican Black Beans and Rice–the easiest and tastiest rice ever! Brown rice is cooked in flavorful salsa with garlic salt, a bay leaf and cumin. Canned black beans make this recipe very convenient. And my favorite part is a squeeze of lime juice and a dollop of sour cream on top. Make this as a meal or as a side dish.

Smoked Sausage Country Boil—A one pot meal with tender red potatoes, sweet corn, fresh green beans and smoked sausage. A perfect summer meal with tons of flavor.

Chicken Adobo–an easy 6-ingredient recipe for the tastiest chicken ever! A Filipino recipe of tender chicken thighs braised in vinegar and soy sauce with lots of garlic.

Garlic Chicken Sausage Orzo—orzo pasta with a tangy dijon-balsamic sauce, chicken smoked sausage, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers and parmesan cheese. Loads of flavor and an all in one pot dinner!

3 Packet Roast–a super easy way to make an incredibly tender and flavored roast. You’ll just need a packet of ranch, Italian dressing mix and brown gravy along with a chuck roast for this recipe. If you prefer to make homemade versions of these “packets” I have those recipes for you too!

To make Instant Pot Marinated Pork Chops you just throw some pork chops in a bag with some easy homemade marinade and refrigerate or freeze. Then toss the pork chops into your Instant Pot, push a button and walk away. The easiest pork chops ever. Plus they have tons of flavor!

Café Rio Chicken–this quickly cooked shredded chicken is perfect to serve with your Mexican dinners on salads, in burritos, in enchiladas or over rice.

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What Pressure Cooker/Slow Cooker Do You Use?

Most of the time I use my 6 quart oval Kitchenaid slow cooker.* I love this slow cooker (you can see me talking about it in a video here). It cooks low and evenly. I love the medium heat choice because most slow cookers that I’ve seen only have the option of cooking on low or high. If you’re going to buy just one slow cooker, this is the one that I recommend.

For pressure cooking I use my 6 quart Instant Pot Duo 60 7 in 1*. I love this Instant Pot because it has the yogurt making function which I use almost weekly. It has two pressure settings (high and low), and there are also little slots in the handles so that you can rest the lid there instead of putting it down on your counter-top.

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