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10 Worst Dinner Party Fouls

10 Worst Dinner Party Fouls

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Brush up on your table etiquette before attending your next dinner party or wedding


Serving at table

Dining etiquette has changed little since the Victorian era when great attention was paid to teaching young men and women the proper manners for any social situation. Today, however, etiquette has taken a back seat to our hectic lives. While some people today are completely etiquette-ignorant, even the most socially-responsible diner can be perpetually confused by our mixed, modern-day dining etiquette practices.

The next time you sit down at the table at a dinner party or a wedding, make sure you don't fall foul of the top 10 errors most commonly made. Even if you're used to sitting down, fork in one hand and knife in the other, and pounding your fists on the table demanding food, that doesn't work at a dinner party. We'll tell you why it's best to stick your napkin in your lap and and patiently wait until everyone has been served before digging in. You'll save yourself from looking like a fool (at least through your actions rather than by what you say) or spilling something all over the table and angering your fellow guests.

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