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Cold dessert cheesecake with chocolate and raspberries New recipes

Cold dessert cheesecake with chocolate and raspberries

Countertop: We grind the biscuits on the robot. Add butter and melted chocolate. Mix well. We will obtain a rather soft composition. We line the shape of the cake with baking paper and put the composition of the biscuits in the shape. Level and refrigerate until it hardens. Cream: Mix the mascarpone with powdered sugar and vanilla extract.

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Milk with rice New recipes

Milk with rice

Servings: 6 Preparation time: less than 30 minutes RECIPE PREPARATION Rice with milk: Boil the rice in water and salt, lemon and cinnamon stick for the first time. Then add hot flakes, let it boil and add the sugar to taste. At the end, add the yolks, stirring constantly. When it cools, add the vanilla sugar.

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Cinnamon Rolls New recipes

Cinnamon Rolls

I made the dough in the bread machine, and the ingredients were put in the machine in the order written above for the ingredients. Remove the dough after kneading on the work table, I use a silicone foil and divide it in two. We spread the first piece of dough in a rectangle not too thick, but not too thin.

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Rhubarb-Lime Rickey Mocktail New recipes

Rhubarb-Lime Rickey Mocktail

Give the Lime Rickey a spring makeover by adding homemade rhubarb syrup to the classic nonalcoholic refresher. This seasonal mocktail will make a big splash at your Easter brunch and can be enjoyed by the whole family. If you can’t find fresh rhubarb, you can use frozen, found in the frozen fruit section of your grocery store.

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Sorbet Champagne Cocktail New recipes

Sorbet Champagne Cocktail

The absolute PERFECT summer cocktail made with refreshing sorbet and champagne!MORE+LESS-2cups sorbet, any flavor or varietyHide Images1Scoop sorbet into 4 clear cocktail glasses and pour champagne over the top.2Serve immediately with a straw.No nutrition information available for this recipeMore About This RecipeSitting outside this summer is basically unbearable, unless I have a freezing cold cocktail to cool me down.

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Raspberry roll New recipes

Raspberry roll

Separate the egg whites from the yolks, rub the yolks well with the sugar and salt, then add the oil. Whisk the egg whites, then pour the yolks, flour over them and mix lightly with a wooden spoon from bottom to top so as not to leave the egg whites. Keep a few tablespoons of this composition for shapes (I made hearts).

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